Phone Listings From Area Code 201-405 State Of New Jersey

  • Area Code : 201-405
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Verizon New Jersey, Inc.
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Oakland
  • County: Bergen

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Latest Comments for 201-405

July 14 7:04 am
it did the same to me !! i wont answer any calls i dont know anyway but i am tired of these people doing this and i think we should all get togather and go take care of these people !!

July 5 7:04 am
You do realize that if you are using your phone or tablet that on the keyboard the c is right above the space bar right? All QWERTY keyboards are like that and texting can be dificult if youhave long nails or large thumbs (no offense Jackie).

July 26 12:01 am
I picked up. Recorded Message said: This is not a sales call, a friend referred you for a free security system... The recorded message did not finish... it ended mid-sentence. Mostly likely from a Call Center Outbound dialer. Location: Maryland.As for the friend referral claim, its a lie - I work for a security monitoring company. Any friend of mine would know I do not need a second system.

July 27 3:21 am
I think this was either miss-dialed or was looking for the previous owner of my number.

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