Phone Listings From Area Code 203-805 State Of Connecticut

  • Area Code : 203-805
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Teleport Communications Gro...
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Waterbury
  • County: New Haven

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Latest Comments for 203-805

July 21 1:02 am
I have received calls from them for they called 6 times (every 1:06 hrs) LOL they want me to pay a ticket from 2004. Well then why didnt they ask for the money when I renewed my registration and license ever? I had to pay a fine in 2007 when they suspended my license. why didnt it come up on their computers then??? its now 2013 give me a break...the Toronto Police Department is trying to get people to pay fines as far back as 1990.Oh Please. They are just annoying and will break every law to get money, even if you paid all your outstanding debts back in 2007. I give up on them. They wont prove that I owe the money so Im not paying SHlT. I said if it were true, just put it against my license or registration, if not F OFF!

August 16 1:39 am
To anyone who is being pestered by collection calls. If you change your number, they cant call you anymore. It really depends on how much you are being pestered. If its all the time, I would change my number. Sure you have to give everyone your new number, but it really doesnt take that much effort to do that. And its so worth it for peace and quite! Then they can only contact you by mail. Good Luck!!

August 22 10:16 pm
Home Wireless Security winner. definitely spam.

July 22 5:28 am
That's a collection agency in Provo. Here's their website:

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