Phone Listings From Area Code 203-882 State Of Connecticut

  • Area Code : 203-882
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Southern New England Teleph...
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Milford
  • County: New Haven

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Latest Comments for 203-882

August 5 12:35 pm
I am a college student of 24 and have been receiving these calls since Tuesday morning. They called my work, then my cell, then my house phone all within an hour and a half. Asking for me. They knew my address and my parents name. The man on the phone said his name was Johnathon Mandera and needs to serve me papers from the San Diego county courthouse with doc #25670. I answered when they called my house and told them fine if they want to serve me anything Ill be home all day. When they never showed up, an LA area code number told me they had not been able to reach me. (Ridiculous!!) Then he called me again this morning saying he has not been able to get ahold of me and my court date is tomm. If i do not get in contact with them today and do not show up tomorrow I am an FTA (failure to appear). I am glad it is not just me getting this. We need to stop this immediately!!!

August 2 2:19 am
I just got told i was wasting his time and told to f- off after i told him i didnt have a pc

July 10 5:50 am
I just received a call from them on my home number, just save it on the phone and block the number.. :PJe leur fait un doigt lev bien haut!!

July 9 12:14 am
I have found the best way to deal with this problem so far is to report it to the FTC. Federal Trade Commission, check out the website.

July 5 7:14 pm
Called nightly to my grandmother's (age 91) phone...wakes her up every time! I have repeatedly pressed 5 as directed to remove her number from their data states after pressing 5..."you will not be called again". Guess what.....very next night same thing!  How can I make this stop!!!!

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