Phone Listings From Area Code 205-605 State Of Alabama

  • Area Code : 205-605
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Deltacom, Inc. Al
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Pelham
  • County: Shelby

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Latest Comments for 205-605

August 26 11:34 am
I was getting those calls to what I did was turned on my call block and put the number in like this 000 000-0 and have not got anymore calls since and if you start getting calls from Unavailable Private and use these codes: (000-000-0001 and 100-000-0 )put all three codes and never worry about those calls anymore they also work for the Unavailable 1 and Private 1 when you see on your caller ID.

July 15 10:17 pm
Got a call from 773-819-2158 on my personal cell phone from a girl with an accent asking about my business. I was very unhappy to receive such a call on my personal line and redirected her to my business line. She called back on the business line and offered to set up an appointment with one of our best agents to discuss their company products. She was talking about photo booth type stuff. I figured that the followup call would come from the same number. I was wrong. It came from this number so it bypassed my blocked call settings. The only reason that I knew they were connected is because of the scheduled appointment time and the agents name Mike which was given to me by the girl. He offered to run me through the list of products but I countered him with wanting to know how they got my personal cell phone number before he could get into his spiel. He replied that it was posted on my webpage. I told him that it was not posted on my webpage, that it had never been posted on my webpage, which is true. He did not have an answer for that. He again offered to run me through the products at which time I faked another incoming call. I apologized for the call but he had hung up before I could.

July 18 11:36 am
I got my first call with the all zeros, at 3:00 A.M this morning! I didnt know about the all zero one. I only have a tracfone, and dont use it that much. Very scary to get a call at 3:00 a.m, on a phone that mainly only family members call me on.

August 24 8:19 am
I called it and it sed this nun is not whatever when u diconnect ur num

August 12 9:48 am
So, did they ever come to your house?

August 4 9:53 pm
Credit card payment scam.

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