Phone Listings From Area Code 209-847 State Of California

  • Area Code : 209-847
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Pacific Bell
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Oakdale
  • County: Stanislaus

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Latest Comments for 209-847

August 15 3:01 am
I got a message from Office Julie Smith as well :-) She even wished me well and asked me to take care at the end of the message while imploring me to take this message I had a similar experience with an overseas accent in June - when I was threatened with arrests and such if I did not come up with $5000 in prepaid visa cards within the next hour - go figure !!! Anyways - yes as others have already posted - IRS will NEVER call you. They will always send you notices in WRITING only. Happy holidays folks.

July 4 8:20 pm
Got this text this morning:Mon, 29 Dec 2014 08:26:46 -0700 / Trying out my new FaceBook msg 2 text Ap, Let me knowif this came through please :) Feel like chatting tonight? Text me! 917-631-7022 Sent from my iPhone

August 24 5:47 pm
the best way I found out how to handle calls like these was to buy a landline phone blocker. ( check on line or ebay) best investment I made. around 50 t0 60 bucks, and can hold up to 1500 numbers. now I only get one call like this a week or two weeks. once you put the number in it will only ring once and the call blocker takes over and disconnects the call. never have to get out of your chair.

August 8 3:09 pm
The Jersey City Police Department has a web site that leads to a JCPD Foundation.  They specifically say that neither their foundation, nor the JCPD will ever call anyone for donations.  They go on to say that if you do get a call of solicitation, to contact their Internal Affairs Dept.  Knowing the area, this call is coming quite far from any police stations located in JC. It's definately a scam! All I received was a hang up!

August 3 3:51 am
on May 10,2008 I received a text message on my cell at 11:38am telling me my rebate on my new razor phone was mailed and I would receive it in 14 days I do NOT have it yet. where is it? You got my money

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