Phone Listings From Area Code 215-589 State Of Pennsylvania

  • Area Code : 215-589
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Tcg New Jersey, Inc. Pa
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Doylestown
  • County: Bucks

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Latest Comments for 215-589

August 29 4:54 pm
they just called ne yesturday,and said i had a warrent for an unpaid loan and if i dont go turn myself in i will get a court summons and have to go to jail for 90 days, i been googling and searching them and all the scam forums came up the the number they called me from was (512) 640-3563TX, USA

August 17 1:43 pm
I would suggest that if you do not have a number thats listed, for example, a cell phone, that you do not add it to the do not call list. It is illegal to autodial cell phone numbers. Once the telephone number is on the do not call list, a telemarketer can get the list and they can feel fairly certain that it is a valid number.

July 5 6:54 am
Got the same call, and I personally have no account at verizon wireless. So when I said this, the guy swore at me, called me a mother f*cker, and a n*gger and hung up on me.

August 8 9:17 am
WHEN I SEE THE NUMBER 000-000-0, I just hit the exit button. They are no one I know.

July 3 7:21 pm
they giving fraud job offers

July 2 11:16 am
Texts me that I have been selected by BestBuy to win $1000. It asks me to visit a website and enter information.

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