Phone Listings From Area Code 216-361 State Of Ohio

  • Area Code : 216-361
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Ameritech Ohio
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Cleveland
  • County: Cuyahoga

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Latest Comments for 216-361

July 4 8:28 pm
I just received a call from the same number. Told them I was sick as a dog (that was true, I can hardly talk with my cold) but the wanted to keep talking anyway.Forwarded me to a confirmation who offered to let me make my donation via phone with my credit card. I said no, then she said shed send me something in the mail. (has anyone actually gotten something in the mail?). Then I looked up the number online & found this site. By the way, also woman said she was Amanda. For all the voices in the background, (if those were real, maybe recordings?), she seems to be the only one who talks to anyone, eh?Glad my hubby didnt answer it.

July 22 1:37 am
Uh, all of us KNOW its walmart pharmacy moron. We use them often and we RECOGNIZE the #. I just got a call again yesterday. I KNOW who it is. SO if youre that bored that you use a phone caller identification blog to keep busy; perhaps you should find a JOB to occupy your time! Its obvious you dont have one!

July 23 4:03 am
Screamed at me at 12:45 am saying something about being $ucked up and I needed to meet up with him at the bar he was at. I told him he had the wrong number and he hung up. This person needs help for sure if all he does is drunk dial at night.

August 19 8:23 am
Amgref Healthcare Houston

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