Phone Listings From Area Code 231-457 State Of Michigan

  • Area Code : 231-457
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Acd Telecom, Inc. Mi
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Muskegon
  • County: Muskegon

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Latest Comments for 231-457

July 23 5:33 am
I got 2 missed calls on my land line and one on my mobile. I just filed online with Corporations Canada. I did call and it was a survey but had expired. I will watch out on my phone bill for extra charges.

July 10 8:11 pm
Just got a call from the same number and all they asked was if we were corporate owned? I said yes and then they said thankyou and hung up. What was that about?

August 28 9:58 am
They called my dad, my brother and my sister all in one day claiming pending legal action. I got their phone number, talked, or rather yelled at a guy named Jordan who gave me 2 different phone numbers they had on file for me. One was my number 8 years ago, the other number Id never heard of, but claimed he couldnt find my current number. Told me I had some outstanding balance with some GE money bank for care credit and I should expect a summons if I dont settle. Are these guys legit? I have no idea what balance this is, he couldnt even tell me exactly what care credit was. How do I report them?

July 30 6:00 am
they are a company that is trying to get you to sign up to sell and make commission off of debit and credit card machine. i let the guy go on about how much money I could make - then he asked for my credit card #(by the way they say they process these things for the credit card companies) - when I refused to give them that information they hung up on me, They called my cell phone as well - not sure how they got my name and number. hope this helps the next person who gets a call like this

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