Phone Listings From Area Code 248-633 State Of Michigan

  • Area Code : 248-633
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Local Exchange Carriers Of...
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Franklin
  • County: Oakland

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Latest Comments for 248-633

July 22 5:28 am
For Double the price when you purchase it via the TV ad. NOTHING IS FREE - they double charge for 1 and pretend to give you the second one free - but you actually paid for the freebie and over charged on shipping and handling (pay 2 times for 1 order).All of these items are available in Walmart, Walgreens, all MAJOR retailers sell this stuff at half the price of the TV adNo annoying phone calls and or unauthorized charges! ALWAYS READ THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS and Privacy Policy of websites before you start filling out forms - Also check for Terms and Conditions of SPECIAL OFFERS on websites - they get you enrolled in worthless membership programs with Monthly DUESAlways check for small print and pre- checked check marks on the order form\In other WORDS PAY ATTENTION to what you are doing on the internet!

July 23 12:19 pm
youre right. political and charitable calls are exempt from do not call lists. the DNC has worked for me in that LEGITIMATE organizations that follow the law dont call me anymore. Outside the political and charitable calls, the only other are spammers/phishers who are not following the law anyway, so I wouldnt see why they would bother to respect the list. I dont bother to report to the numbers anymore because the govt wont take the time to actually track down these illegal shops. Theyre too much of a moving target. the bottom line is that if someone dials your specific 10 digit number, your phone will ring. Any or all of their source information may be fictitious, so all you can do is block them on your end. Even still, theyre a moving target anyway, so the next time the source number is different than what youve blocked.

July 12 6:48 pm
Were Registered on the DNC list and have been for a long time and I get 10 or 12 annoying telemarketer calls a day. It does no good

August 22 6:16 pm
it is not a scam you idiot.if you dont have at&t the reason they call you is because for whatever reason someone has your number listed as their home number...perhaps its a recycled number! CRAZY huh!!seriously...if you go to at&ts website it will give you the 800 number and if you CALL at&ts customer service they will tell you the same thing..hell if you are really THAT worried go into a STORE and ask them. if you dont have at&t ANSWER THE CALL...tell them you dont have at&t and they will do a case to remove your number. quit being so paranoid. If you do have at&t and think its a scam then call back at 611...guess who you will get...the same person who just called you and they will tell you to pay your bill. now if you called 611 from a cell phone do you really think it would just redirect you to the same scam? No. It wouldnt. You people who are blabbing about this being a big scam are idiots. Also for those of you who say your bill isnt late when they call chances are 1) there was a problem processing your maybe your credit card was declined or 2) you paid the day before and their dialer is loaded 1 day in advance. At&t calls as a courtesy to let you know your acct. is in danger of service interruption. You should be thanking the rep not accusing them of trying to steal your money!

August 9 10:51 am
Don't know who called. It was in Spanish and it sounded like it was recorded.

August 27 3:55 pm
YOU are a stupid, loudmouthed, uneducated fool! Blow Off!

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