Phone Listings From Area Code 252-245 State Of North Carolina

  • Area Code : 252-245
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Carolina Tel And Tel Co., L...
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Elm City
  • County: Wilson

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Latest Comments for 252-245

July 19 5:04 am
Froylan Froy Jaramillo Candelario from, The Real Estate Plaza, Inc. in Granada Hills, CA called 7-31-13, refuses to mail written DNC policy. Continues to call despite being asked not to. CA real estate license = 00875305. Supplied fake address for home he claimed to have the listing on. Caller ID read in all caps MY REAL ESTATE.

July 13 4:44 am
Same here, one ring and nothing plus no message

August 26 11:17 pm

July 22 2:14 pm
I jus got a call not even an hour ago...they have all my info for sum reason.this has gta b a scam. they even have my address an im frickin paranoid cuz ino i dont owe any money. i jus hung up on them.

August 22 5:59 am
I got the same type of call yesterday (8/30/10) from an "OUT OF AREA" number.  The guy rudely asked for my husband by name.  I assumed it was a call from a charitable organization and asked who was calling.  He told me "Brian Kennedy, but I don't see what bearing that has on whether (my husband's name) is home or not."  I was stunned (which is probably what gives him his jollies) and didn't respond immediately.  He said, "What's the matter?  Can't you speak?  What's wrong with you?"  I hung up.  The phone immediately rang again with the 202-041-7577 number on caller id & I answered, "Brian Kennedy again??."  To which he responded, "Now you feel pretty stupid don't you lady?"  I asked again what organization he was with and the profanity started:  "It's none of your f..... business who I'm with."  I must have gasped in shock (wrong reaction) and he said, "What's the mattter lady, did you crap your pants?"  I screamed to never call this number again and hung up.  DO NOT ANSWER CALLS FROM THIS AREA CODE.  He has a mature voice, so he must be a grown man who  gets his highs from shocking strangers, harrassing them  and violating their privacy.  What a sicko...I also filed a complaint, but I won't be his victim again!

July 20 10:11 am
Repeated calls from this number. Always indicated as "Unknown caller." No voice or any other identification.

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