Phone Listings From Area Code 252-453 State Of North Carolina

  • Area Code : 252-453
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Carolina Tel And Tel Co., L...
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Corolla
  • County: Currituck

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Latest Comments for 252-453

July 13 5:26 am
Ive been receiving the same calls,as everyone has listed above. Who are these people? .tried researching this Green Line Recovery, and theres nothing. Saying I have 72hours to respond, and this has been since last week Tuesday when the first call came in,with the recording..

August 2 5:48 pm
This number has called our office every day for a month now, but always hangs up. Today there was actually someone there! He was very very rude and insisted on talking to one of our owners, who was supposedly expecting his call at 12:45pm. He asked what time it was there and I informed him 10:46 am. He was very persistent that this was a confidential legal matter and said owner was expecting his call, and that I was ultimately causing the owner very serious trouble by not transferring the call. I advised him that our owner was out of town on vacation for the weekend and was most definitely NOT expecting his call, and he wanted to know who told me that?! I said his assistant so then he was forcibly wanting to be transferred to her. Because they are both in a sister office across the state, I wanted to double check just in case he was legit, so the 2nd time I put him on hold after he demanded to be transferred and willing to hold, he hung up. Cant wait to screw with him on my next phone call. What a Jerk!

August 28 3:22 pm
This was an old debt that I closed 13 years ago. Now I have to pay this debt. Sort of conflicting statements there are they not? After all if you closed the debt out 13 years ago, then no debt existed so why would you have to pay it? So could you also explain how this company sued you when the statute of limitations in North Carolina for most civil debt is 3 years? Unless it was malpractice in which case it is 4 years, or within 1 year of discovery up to a max of 15 years. Judgements are also only good for 10 years. So it sort of looks like your case was simply not able to be brought before a judge unless you ignored the court summons and did not show up. Did you also know that it is against Federal law to sue someone past the SOL? Of course you did not or at least you do not care since you are simply another ignorant criminal in the employment of this criminal enterprise attempting to lend validity to your extortion scheme.

July 11 8:08 pm
I answered the call.  I am on the do not call list.  The guy wanted to talk to my husband and wanted the alternative #.  I didn't give him the cell #.  When I asked what it was in regards to he said he had "tax liability information" to give to him.  I said we were not interested that we had an accountant and he replied that my accountant was not "licensed to give this information" whatever that means.  He continued to want a better time to talk to my husband and I continued to ask what information he had for him.  I finally hung up on him.  I hate these calls.

August 18 8:32 am
Wow I can be entered to win a free cruise in exchange for my political donation? Really? Which party? Either, really! Well who should I donate to Obama, Romney, Paul or Lincoln? Lincoln huh? Dam didn't realize dead presidents could run for reelection thanks or letting me know!

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