Phone Listings From Area Code 253-465 State Of Washington

  • Area Code : 253-465
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Teleport Communications Gro...
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Tacoma
  • County: Pierce

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Latest Comments for 253-465

August 20 2:22 am
Got a call from 1-543-234-5454, with a poor tone and trying to help me by fixing my windows computer. I did ask more questions about him and his organization, which he said, his name is Sam and calling from Fremont California and the company called PP World. Such stupid guy, he is trying to fix my computer rather answering the questions.

August 19 6:06 am

August 16 12:48 pm
This number called the company I work for, asked for the owner. I explained he was busy and I could help them we anything they needed. I asked if they were trying to sell or promote something. They denied they were and asked for the owner again. I politely asked to take their number and have him call back. Before I was able to finish my sentence she had already hung up on me. Dont bother with this number, completely rude and unprofessional.

July 28 11:45 am
Dont try to defend them, just dont say you are working for a piece of sh***t company like that. Ive heard it all from those [***] company and none, I mean NONE of them can prove that their products are as reliable as the one we already use, as well as they cannot prove they are, or will be any cheaper than the company we are with. It a scam, sorry you have to work for a fraud, but thats the truth. After 18years of hearing their calls, I think I know them quite a bit!!

August 16 1:13 pm
They said nothn.... Tryn to sell items and wantn checkn nfo

August 16 8:09 am
Carpet cleaning solicitation on a Saturday evening.

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