Phone Listings From Area Code 256-473 State Of Alabama

  • Area Code : 256-473
  • Phone Type : Cell Phone
  • Phone Company : New Cingular Wireless Pcs,...
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Anniston
  • County: Calhoun

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Latest Comments for 256-473

July 29 3:34 pm
Automated call came through. We have a complaint with your name on it. And gave a complaint number and to call 888-719-6103. These scammers will try to extort money from you and your relatives to settle the fake debts. DONT GIVE THEM ANY INFORMATION!310-905-3296 Caller ID SNMN MRVSIRS Warns of Pervasive Telephone Scam Scammers continuing to pose as IRS agents

July 14 5:23 am
I would appreciate it if you did not allow people to post nasty messages about me just because they do not understand the nature of a licensed permitting agent like myself. I am not doing anything illegal or that is related to a SCAM. When people go online to begin the process to obtain a Motor Carrier license to allow them to travel across state lines, they pay $300 and fill out an OP-1 application with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) to transport goods interstate (across state lines). As soon as the government accepts their application, I contact them as a process and permitting agent who is registered with the Federal government to tell them about their required regulations they need in order to get their final authority to operate by the FMCSA. There are many other process agents or permitting companies calling them at the same time to help them file their regulations with the exact same intention. However, most other companies charge twice as much as I do for the same documents, or annually for the BOC-3, which is only required by the FMCSA to file one time, not every year. Or, they use trick wording and cheap price offers for the BOC-3, only to overcharge for other documents that may be necessary or completely unnecessary, which is a SCAM. Unfortunately, many of these truckers are either of immigrant status, do not speak English very well, and/or are just uninformed about the process. I am well within my rights to contact these people. This is a legitimate business that has been in operation for many years and is all required verified permit filing through the federal and state government level. If anybody gets scammed it is ME NOT THEM! If I file their documents into the government system and then they give me fictitious credit card information, then there is no way I can remove the document once it has been filed into the government system that they have not paid for and scammed me.When I read these messages I wonder why anyone would waste their time trying to post hateful comments to discredit another professional and their profession? Would these same people appreciate someone posting negative information about their trucking business? Unfortunately, I have to take a stand against ignorant, childish bullying and slander about standard requirements that allow a Motor Carrier to operate legally across state lines.

August 25 9:30 am
Do you not understand that they are also giving out bogus numbers when you look at your caller ID?.. They cant do anything about a non-existent number, period. So reporting that number would be pointless. They would then have a report about a number that isnt a real number so who are they going to tie that number to? With computer technology it has become just as simple to show a false number over caller-ID as it is to show a false e-mail address over the internet. People have been able to do that for a very long time. I was just called this morning from a 021620, which is not even a valid number unless it was international. Even then Im not sure thats an actual number. I cant find it anywhere online; not even a record of anyone else being called by it. When I look at my phone records it doesnt even show that it called. I answered but they/the machine must have broke the connection right before I did so because I looked back down at the phone and wasnt connected after saying hello a couple times. Otherwise I can only guess it was a computer error on Tmobiles end.

August 15 7:31 am
WHEN I SEE THE NUMBER 000-000-0, I just hit the exit button. They are no one I know.

July 5 5:28 pm
he is very persistent in robbing you of your identity and very rude I ws never convenced that I would pay but he is someone to definitly to watch out for

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