Phone Listings From Area Code 262-889 State Of Wisconsin

  • Area Code : 262-889
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Frontier North Inc. Wi
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Silver Lake
  • County: Kenosha

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Latest Comments for 262-889

July 8 8:55 am
Just called me, and completed the survey about medias such as tv and internet.. They were really nice, I lied about the question saying does anyone work for a market research company as i know if i say yes, the survey would of been terminated.. Also my family once participated in a research with BBM, they sent us little portable devices that monitors which channels your watching and for how long.. they then sent us money every month, and sometimes some gifts like gift cards.. Btw they are not scamming anyone.. there doing exactly what they said they were doing.. conducting a SURVEY..

July 15 3:23 am
Your phone company, at least my land line provider, will install a tracker/tracer on your phone if you request it. You activate it by entering a code and the phone company will capture the data for that particular phone number. They will provide the tracked information to your local police. Ask your phone supplier about nuisance/obscene calls. I have CenturyTel phone service, but I think its required of all phone service providers by the PUCO.

July 12 2:14 pm
Second call came 2 hours after the first. I will block them if this continues.

August 18 9:00 am
called it back. Its Verizon Wireless Financial Services. I think they call when you are late with a payment

July 9 9:02 am
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July 25 4:54 am
I also got the same message, however the number was 516-225-5676

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