Phone Listings From Area Code 281-960 State Of Texas

  • Area Code : 281-960
  • Phone Type : Cell Phone
  • Phone Company : Nextel Communications, Inc.
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Houston
  • County: Harris

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Latest Comments for 281-960

August 2 9:22 pm
jackie onellos real name is stephanie iannuzi and she has opened up a collection agency on harris hill in lancaster.beware of this crazy woman as she is still the [***] from neiman rona and associates.dont pay anything to anyone unless you have a valid letter and take it to your attorney

August 19 5:54 am
If you have an IPhone you can block the number,, I started doing that to numbers I dont know..

August 28 12:25 pm
It was a survey about appliances.

August 21 12:21 am
Keep getting calls several times a day from this number, and no messages are ever left.  I wish the number could be blocked.

August 23 8:03 pm
Do NOT answer these calls. They are part of a Jamaican scam. They want you to purchase Green Dot cards and give them the numbers. My 86 year old father in law has been scammed out of thousands of dollars(18,000) before he even told us what was happening. They told him not to tell anyone in the family because it could be dangerous if anybody found out about the money. I spoke with these people and told them not to call anymore and then they proceeded to threaten me. They even had him buy a cell phone (we could never even get him to get a cell phone for emergencies) and convinced him not to use his home phone because it was bieng tapped, so he unplugged his house phone for 2 days!! They had him convinced that he had spoken to the US Treasury, the FBI, the IRS and a lawyer to convince him that everything was legit. Other numbers I have are 702-421-6055, and 705-421-6055 there are many more that might have only been used once or twice.

August 5 5:41 pm
Keep calling and saying they are from the Walker organization and that I've won a gift card from them, a $10 gift card from Walmart and over $100 is gas. I told them I did not fill out a survey and they said oh yes you did. I repeated that no I did not and to stop calling me and remove me from your list. She then said in a rude voice, What did you say and then the phone went dead. I called the number back and it says to claim you prize press one or 2 to be removed from the list. I did and we'll see what happens. Very rude who is calling, it's a women.

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