Phone Listings From Area Code 301-309 State Of Maryland

  • Area Code : 301-309
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Verizon Maryland, Inc.
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Rockville
  • County: Montgomery

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Latest Comments for 301-309

August 29 6:00 am
friends parent were called, not sure if they claimed microsoft, but said computer had virus, so they remoted in, said need to pay $170 to fix. of course they installed a password so cant use. Will call later and verify if a Skype number. The parent cancelled all their credit cards and bank accounts. reloaded OS.

August 19 12:28 pm
Howdy Saw your post, can I see pictures ?ThanksJim & Carla

July 22 8:40 pm
Youve got to be joking, sarcastic, or just plain insane. Everyone knows does not work at all.weve all been on it for years and the tele-crap calls never end. You were kidding, right?

August 10 3:10 am
>> Does anyone out there have the similar phone call? Is this a scam or solicitation? <<Um ... did you read the previous four posts concerning this number?In any case, read this:There is a widespread IRS or tax scam being practiced by scammers on both Canadian and USA residents.USA tax payers should read this: ... -Telephone-ScamShort answer:The IRS never initiates a contact via phone.They always send a snailmail first.Educational post:This scam is also described as scam #11, here:Remember to return here, to, after you look at any of the information at that site, either to post more information, or to let us know you avoided the scam, or to read any further information about that number that others may post.

July 24 1:30 am
Same here, 1043 UK time. I'm on O2. Never been to Iowa, don't know anyone there.

August 11 11:17 am
Claims name is Eric Brian Grunson, a young white male artist looking to relocate from Washington, looking for a room to rent from Craigslist. No problem paying rent ASAP. Writes nice personal email replies, with suspect English flaws, telling you everything you want to hear to gain your trust . Smells like a money order scam based on comments. All the red flags. 206 203 1960

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