Phone Listings From Area Code 307-650 State Of Wyoming

  • Area Code : 307-650
  • Phone Type : Cell Phone
  • Phone Company : Nextel Communications, Inc.
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Cheyenne
  • County: Laramie

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Latest Comments for 307-650

July 25 8:49 am
I looked this number up and it is linked to Direct TV. They keep calling my phone, and when I answer I hear a lot of people in the background talking, but no one answers me when I pick up. Today, when I got the 3rd phone call from them, so woman started talking to me and wanted to speak to an unknown person. She did give me a name, and I told her to stop calling me, but after I finished talking to this woman, I got a bogus phone call on my landline. It was a bogus company claiming they were working on behalf of the Peace Officers Charity. The phone number from that call is (209)589-9124. I know that there is no such thing as a Peace Officers Charity. I have gotten this call before in the past, which I contacted the Police authorities here where I live. They informed me this is a bogus call and to not give any information to them. I have contacted the FTC over these calls, and will now contact my local authorities to get them involved if these phone calls continue.

July 26 11:55 am
Block them by using these codes( 000 000-0001) (100-000-0) (000 000-0)the one that end in number 1 is good also for Unavailable 1 and private 1 when come up on your caller ID but use all three and never worry about them anymore.

August 30 7:22 am
they call me @ least 10 times a day & wont remove me from there do not. call listhi

July 11 2:01 pm
robo message

August 11 1:58 am
Calls, screams for "Gerri!", and when I tell them that Gerri isn't there, they scream for "Gerri" again.

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