Phone Listings From Area Code 312-465 State Of Illinois

  • Area Code : 312-465
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Us Xchange Of Illinois Llc...
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Chicago
  • County: Cook

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Latest Comments for 312-465

August 28 1:13 pm
Youll be surprised the amount of people that will actually fall for this scam.NEVER EVER GIVE PERSONAL INFORMATION OVER THE PHONE. If you are on the Do Not Call Registry, this call is illegal. Telemarketing calls are prohibited. Scam. Warn others and beware.

July 2 12:07 pm
This people admitted to buying an old lead list. They do not have accurate information and are threatening and abusive. Tell these people to send it in the mail with proof of the debt and to not call you again or you will report them. Its a scam and people should be aware.Know your consumer rights!

August 3 7:53 am
They were offering free moniter for a home security system when they just called here.

July 21 1:51 am
I received a call from a Texas number on January 7, 2015, informing me that I have a complaint and supporting documents. I was requested to call 888-958-5763. The next morning I received another call from Tennessee from the same company. I pressed 9 the find out the nature of the complaint. I was connected to someone. Once I asked what it was about, they hung up on me...

July 16 8:15 am
It is a scam the police are already well aware of; didn't even need the text or number from me when told them what it was (had seen it posted on FB to call and report it if you got the text, so I did).What I would like to know, if they have had hundreds of these reports today alone, and have the telephone number... why not shut it down and arrest the people right now?What, can't give them a speeding ticket for this, so not interested?

August 22 11:38 am
SOme sort of sales pitch. Vague as to what they were trying to say. Anooying & unsolocited.

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