Phone Listings From Area Code 317-805 State Of Indiana

  • Area Code : 317-805
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Tw Telecom Of Indiana Lp In
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Indianapolis
  • County: Marion

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Latest Comments for 317-805

July 17 7:36 pm
Continue to receive calls at my place of employment from Thomas Black at Norman Kalina & Associates. They reference a case #. I have no idea what this is about and am not supposed to take personal calls at work. He says he is in the office until 9pm at night (right!). This is ridiculous and I am not calling them back. I hope the calls stop.

August 7 4:57 am
Got a call today from a lady at 954.839.7843 from the Plantation office. Told me basically the same info everyone of you said. mentioned i am interviewing for the benefits director. I asked what the position details were and was briefly told something about speaking to union members. I was told i would receive an email with the interview details, before we got off the phone I asked for a description of the position to be in the email. Got the email and no details of the job like i asked, so i called back and mentioned i would like details about the job. so the lady says to me, i already told you what the job details were when i first called you. i said well, i would like it in writing. she replies very hesitantly oh...well, i will ask if the recruiting manager will send it out, maybe he not sure. ---What kind of company tries to hire you and doesnt send you information about your position, let alone cant confirm about the position...?

August 29 6:45 pm
I RECEIVED THIS MESSAGE:[email protected] Sun, 21 Dec 2014 22:09:33 -0700 Hey Babe! Remember me from facebook?I was hoping that we could chat a little, I want to get on your NAUGHTY List ;) Can you text me real quick? 19704392149 is my number

July 25 12:58 am
Wants you to discuss what you are going to do while he plays with himself over the phone.

August 11 2:01 pm
They will try to highjack your computer!

August 7 6:25 pm
I think when you are desperate you would fall for anything. But good thing google is around and they didn't get me Ha!

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