Phone Listings From Area Code 352-784 State Of Florida

  • Area Code : 352-784
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Deltacom, Inc. Fl
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Spring Hill
  • County: Hernando

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Latest Comments for 352-784

July 13 1:26 pm
I live in Columbus, GA & just had a call from that number. Wonder if we should let them know that their fax machine has gone rogue & is attempting to take over the world of caring touch pain relief?

July 12 6:14 am
They have been calling me multiple times for weeks without leaving voicemails, I finally answer and it is a guy with an indian accent who claims he is from microsoft and they need access to my computer to fix it as the malfunction is dangerous to my computer. This is a scam do not give them any info, Microsoft would never call your personal cell phone for something like that. I have already reported them to the FTC

July 19 8:42 am
I dialed an 800 number thinking it was some company number I was trying to reach. When they answered they said I had won 100 dollars and they needed my account number thinking it was the company I gave it to them and I also asked them if it was the company I was trying to reach and they said yes they kept me on the phone switching me around to two different people I had an odd feeling about it and so I hung up and called my bank and closed my account they called me back 10 times using this 000-000-0 number and when I answered finally I told them I didnt want any thing they cursed at me and said I had closed my account I think they are scammers be careful

July 29 1:33 am
The caller identified as an employee of Microsoft and stated that someone was using my computer to do illicit stuff

August 20 1:59 pm
If this call is not from a Member from United Health Care to speak to a nurse case manager, you have dialed the wrong number. Please do not call this number for any other purpose.

July 9 11:02 pm
Same thing. "Dave" just texted me he wanted my furniture but was going out of town. So could he mail a cashiers check. Then he said his secretary made a mistake and included drivers expenses to pick up my item and the cashiers check was accidentally for $3, 945! Now why would someone spend $200 on a bed that would take another $3,700 to get there! Hell I could by a nice new one for that.  I texted back and advised him I would not be a party to money laundering and if he did send me a check in that amount I would return to sender. What a do***e bag.

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