Phone Listings From Area Code 402-880 State Of Nebraska

  • Area Code : 402-880
  • Phone Type : Cell Phone
  • Phone Company : Sprint Spectrum L.p.
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Omaha
  • County: Douglas

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Latest Comments for 402-880

August 3 9:17 am
im so sorry u guys i worked there 4 about a month n i collected nothin because i didnt use the tactics that the others used so while they wer making hunderds i made nothing but anyway but they call it stiff and biff what they do is they give u a rediculous amount then they say oh well take off intrest and its still way more your bill is sitll 300 they are just trying to make more money off of you i would tell them that you or your spouse is a police officer and you recorded the call and youll let him decide what you should do or tell them that your a officer and that wht they said ti you is unlawful and your turning them in they arr scared shitless of the police so they will stop all the calls

July 30 6:47 pm
I was out when the call came in from this number, but I can see from the comments its the same bunch of scammers who have harassed me using Michigan and New York City number. They have called after 9 p.m. numerous times. Telemarketers are by law only allowed to call between 8 a.m. and 9 p.m. I am on the Do Not Call Registry and get no telemarketing calls other than from these scammers. I knew instantly they were scammers because I dont have any Windows computers. I use Linux.If you are not on the Do Not Call Registry at, get on it and report every one of these scam calls. They are trying to find people dumb enough to believe them and spend anywhere from $179 to $300 on supposed anti-virus software which does not work. DO NOT, under any circumstances, allow them remote access to your computer. They can seriously mess with it if they get ticked off at you, or just because they can. I have read of cases where this has happened.Also, if they start harassing you with multiple calls, remind them that their employer records calls and will probably fire people making calls that arent going to make them any money. I used to work in customer service for several major cell phone providers. They really do monitor calls.

August 11 1:52 am
let it go to voicemail but none was left plus I don't know anyone in new york

July 6 1:19 pm
Dont answer. He is trouble.

July 16 3:46 am
I'm am looking back through my records because I got a text from someone asking me why I'm sending them texts and I have no clue who they are! Well, there are tons of text messages from the 111-047-0400 number on my bill.  And I'm talking about not just a small number!  Is this possibly a hacker? I don't know but my bill has probably at least 100 messages sent and received from that number.  And now I have someone with a 661 area code wondering why I'm sending her, her boyfriend, and her friends weird text messages.  Very frustrating! Going to talk to AT&T today and see if they know what is going on and can reverse the charges.  Will post again with what happens.

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