Phone Listings From Area Code 407-447 State Of Florida

  • Area Code : 407-447
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Florida Digital Network
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Orlando
  • County: Orange

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Latest Comments for 407-447

August 10 8:17 am
I also have won a lot of money and a new BMW 7 Series in i live in the UK. I received several e-mails about my winings and i replied asking if it would be a UK car (silly question but a test) and would the dollars be in sterling ? I got an e-mail from 2 different despatch companies stating to hurry and send my address. I replied and said that they should have and asked them to confirm my address to me before i sent any money.Obvioulsy they didnt and like the other notice stated i havent entered any competetions or bought any USA Lottery tickets.This is a big scam. Please do not send any money unless they can prove to you that you have.The dealership is - BMW 501 5th Avenue #B, New york. Try searching for this.I received an e-mail today saying that if i dont send 380 dollars i will lose my prize.regardsD Argent

August 23 11:40 am
Got a call today from this number. The man stated it was for a position to sign up union members for benefits. Now here is the weird part, he asked if I had sales experience and said that he had not seen my resume but his manager did. Huh? If he doesnt know what my experience is why is he talking to me? I repeatedly asked if this was a sales position and finally got a yes. I asked Is this insurance sales? and also got a yes. Needless to say, I said I wasnt interested. Yikes!

July 25 4:47 am
I received a call today. A lady stated she was calling from Express Scripts regarding the pain I was experiencing. They were wanting to verify my address & send a script to my doctor for approval. I told her I wasnt interested. She said thanks for wasting my time & hung up!

July 17 6:59 am
Received a text from 347-762-0454 "You've WON the $1000 BestBuy Card drawing. Get your prize now at Enter code pywphkhpwb

July 23 7:46 pm
This is a major identity theft ring from India. Beware!

July 8 1:19 pm
My friend used the Do Not Call block and said she received more calls from telemarketers after. She said it was the worst thing she ever did. Do not know what the alternative is except not to pick up the phone unless it's a number you recognize. I'm with Telus in Canada and I agree that more should be done to protect cell phone users especially

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