Phone Listings From Area Code 435-265 State Of Utah

  • Area Code : 435-265
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Unknown
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Salt Lake City
  • County: Salt Lake

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Latest Comments for 435-265

July 13 8:42 pm
Same thing.. I recd a text for my exact purchase price of 100.00. Stated they were in the service. Offered an extra 50.00 to remove the ad... I gave them my name and address. Text them back when I saw they were from California. Said dont bother trying to scam me. The dress is not for sale... Said their seamstress would pick it up as well..

July 19 5:33 am
Actually by law they haft to ask for some information to protect your identity. As for getting in touch with people you would be suprized how much trouble that can be. I work for a Collection agency. and I have actually worked on Capital one portfolios. Most of the time we actually haft to try to find good numbers for people that are well behind on there cards/car payments. and the account has been charged off. that being said. idk this caller. as for the information they need. usually its verification of an address/dob/last 4 of SS. Ive seen some that can use the original account number for verification. but usual last 4 and dob is the best option (parden my horrible spelling)

July 15 2:35 pm
I received this message . This is so weird no subject / are y0u a candle? bacause im g0ing t0 bl0w y0u text me Four Eight Four Three Five Two Three Four Two Six, TTYL HUN BYE

July 22 1:53 am
got same calls from 000 000-0 what you have to do to stop the calls is turn on your call block on your phone and put this in the block list this way 000 000-0 and all unavailable and private calls will stop it worked for me have not gotten anymore calls for three months now.

July 9 8:08 am
Im having the same problem, they also call on the weekends and Im on the national do not call list

August 27 9:45 am
Can I play with you swype

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