Phone Listings From Area Code 480-467 State Of Arizona

  • Area Code : 480-467
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Tw Telecom Of Arizona Llc
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Scottsdale
  • County: Maricopa

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Latest Comments for 480-467

August 18 10:37 pm
Heres 3 things you can do to torment them when you get a call:1. Tell them right away that you demand to speak with their supervisor. If a supervisor then answers, tell them that you are recording the phone call and you will use it in a harassment lawsuit against them. Ask them for their name, company name, etc. etc. 2. Or, ask them to hold on while you record the phone call in order to report them. Ask them for their name, company name, etc. etc.3. Or, SCREAM into the phone, then hang-up.

August 27 3:52 am
no sweetheart cause I got T Mobile and they do the same thing to me

July 5 11:48 am
Wishing that the people operating this scam die a slow and painful death on Christmas Eve 2014. Who the F are you to call us with your GD scam on a Sunday afternoon. Stupid F-wads. Youre blocked only because I cant get you in my crosshairs.

August 2 4:34 am
Your phone company, at least my land line provider, will install a tracker/tracer on your phone if you request it. You activate it by entering a code and the phone company will capture the data for that particular phone number. They will provide the tracked information to your local police. Ask your phone supplier about nuisance/obscene calls. I have CenturyTel phone service, but I think its required of all phone service providers by the PUCO.

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