Phone Listings From Area Code 502-851 State Of Kentucky

  • Area Code : 502-851
  • Phone Type : Cell Phone
  • Phone Company : Sprint Spectrum L.p.
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Louisville
  • County: Jefferson

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Latest Comments for 502-851

July 24 11:03 pm
Answered the call, female voice sounded like she was in the middle of a conversation. She hung up. I called back, its a French womans voicemail. Didnt leave a message.

August 24 2:39 pm
I have been registerd with that site ever since it came about...and renewed when they said that it needed to be renewed.I still get dozens of calls a week.with caller ID, if I dont recognize the number, I dont answer...they let it ring exactly 4 times and hang up .most dont leave any message. The list is useless.

August 21 8:37 pm
nothing really just played on the phone

August 15 6:00 am
You should look up the BULLSH!T you speak of.  Only a SCAMMER would claim to be arrested for a bad check.  The police do not arrest you.  What type of court was it and what type of warrant did they deliver, what was the docket number, what state was the court in?  Who was the judge?  What kind of crap are you trying to pull?  Do you really think we believe you?

August 4 1:33 am
Yep- CALPAL called me- Anthony Demask- didn't say anything just- "Yeah need to speak to the owner." Didn't even want to give his name. I sent him to our voicemail instead, which I handle. Don't got nothing nice to say? I won't connect you then. :)

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