Phone Listings From Area Code 512-476 State Of Texas

  • Area Code : 512-476
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Southwestern Bell
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Austin
  • County: Travis

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Latest Comments for 512-476

July 19 3:09 pm
Keep getting catfacts from them and every time I block them it goes to the phone number one higher. Uggg

August 4 7:46 am
note that this is NOT a chase fraud number. i just verified it with chase.

July 5 10:57 am
This is a scam collections type deal. Thy use strong words like proceed with legal process and contact your human resources department and serve you on the property... clearly an attempt to SCARE you into calling and paying them!This is a NOT LEGAL threat and coercive tactic. Have read about these people on Check it out!Mr Myers is the guy this time. This is clearly someone elses very old debt that some parasitic small collects clown bought for pennys on the dollar, (thats how some slime attempt to eek out a living without a proper education.) As I have and this number for 4 months now, the guy who had it before is who they are looking for. Guy lives in CA, I live in Washington. Guess why he gave up the number?DO NOT ever call these people back! Do NOT ever answer this number when it calls!Mr Myers, you should die a slow death or get a college education and stop scamming people!

August 23 6:55 am
They are threaten me and my girlfriend and won't stop

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