Phone Listings From Area Code 517-414 State Of Michigan

  • Area Code : 517-414
  • Phone Type : Cell Phone
  • Phone Company : Sprint Spectrum L.p.
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Jackson
  • County: Jackson

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Latest Comments for 517-414

August 28 11:43 am
I received a call from Comcast regarding a survey right after talking with them about over billing me for voice equipment that I never purchased. Comcast transferred me to their billing department and connected to a clueless rep.

July 21 12:21 pm
I do the same thing. I have a magicjack phonenumber that I bought when they were having a 10 years for 99 bucks sale. I dont use that phone for anything except to harass bill collectors. Sprint is a piece of cod sheeat as they say in the UK (pig [***] here in the USA). I bought a phone & service from them two years ago but I bought it because they said that it would be 4-G in one day. They told me at the sprint store that my area (a section of Texas not near any big cities) would the NEXT day have 4-g service because they were going to activate the celltowers that day. IT NEVER HAPPENED.I only had very spotty 3-g service. I kept going back to the sprint store (which I could see from my balcony) and they kept saying oh its the usual transition type glitches... tomorrow tomorrow. Then one day I walked into the store and said I wanted to cancel my service because every call I had on that sprint phone DROPPED within 15 seconds and during those 15 seconds I couldnt HEAR what the person on the other end of the call was saying to me. The MAN LAUGHED AT ME. Seems I was ONE DAY OVER the trial period. He refused to cancel my phone service without a 300 buck penalty. I kept the phone for a couple of years but since I still had not turned off my Verizon phone service, I used that phone. MUCH BETTER service with Verizon. Years ago, I had sprint service when they were a GOOD cell company. Today, they suck big time. Finally I was about to retire and decided that a 120 buck bill per month was stupid so I cancelled my sprint service. (Yes, I make big bucks so 120/month wasnt a big bill to me, and I did still have lingering loyalty to sprint from my earlier experience with their service.) If anyone wants to go in with a class action law suit against sprint for their bad service and lying [***] in their sprint stores, AND their harassment of former sprint users feel free to contact me at thegeekiestwoman at gmail dot com. I have an attorney and only today decided enough is enough. I just got over a 5 day bout of asian flu and decided f it ... life is short and I will die at the end of it. I now have the time to fight back, and as GOD is my WITNESS I WILL..

August 8 4:23 am
I had a missed call from this #, did not leave a voicemail. I checked here before calling back, now looks like it is a spam # so I wont bother calling back.

July 5 1:10 am
What persistence!!!..This number called at least 8 eight times in a five minute span!!.early morning our fax to pk up, but they kept on trying...terrible!!

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