Phone Listings From Area Code 520-627 State Of Arizona

  • Area Code : 520-627
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Unknown
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Yuma
  • County: Yuma

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Latest Comments for 520-627

July 29 7:05 pm
Hello I have 3 children to resietgr and didn't see the registration form on this site. I also have a 14yr old daughter who would love to help out if you need extra help.Here's their info:Sarah Hines, age 8/3rd gradeRebekah Hines, age 6/1st gradeIsaac Hines, age 4/preschool*Rachel Hines, age 14/9th gradeNone of them have any medical issues/concerns, no allergies all are potty trained:)Thank-you,Keelin Hines 277-7487

July 18 1:00 pm
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August 2 3:18 am
well they just called back. It was a man this time. I started the same way, saying I wanted more than I was pre-approved for. After putting me on hold "to see if it was possible to get $5000 instead of $3000, and if it was, what interest rate I would have to pay," he came back to say that it was possible. He then explained to me that he sees that these other banks denied my loan because of my low FICA score but that they are able to make the loan because of [some crap I couldnt make out]. I said, oh, that makes sense. We then began again the taking of the details process. He said that he sees that my name is Evelyn Carol or something like that. I said ok. He asked for my middle initial. And I responded that it is "I fu*ked your mom". At this point the guy started pretending like he couldnt hear me because the connection was bad. After repeating this process a couple more times, he asked for a different number to reach me at. At this point, I amped up the fun. I asked, "do you really expect me to give you another number after you've been harassing me all day at this one are you nuts?!" I then explained that I fu*ked his mother, his sister, Ima fu*k his daughter etc. He started doing a weird Indian reaction--"oh no shut up sir shut up sir" and a few seconds later hung up.

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