Phone Listings From Area Code 541-781 State Of Oregon

  • Area Code : 541-781
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : 360networks (usa) Inc. Or
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Eugene
  • County: Lane

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Latest Comments for 541-781

July 27 10:26 am
The first 5 posts on this phone number are false.The IRS does not have an outside agency working with them.I had this guy with a very thick accent named Steve James, obviously not his real name, call our home and in his own words, he told me if I dont pay $1998.00 or the cops were going to arrest me.I pay my taxes, and I know the cops wouldnt show up at my door for $1998.00 and arrest me.Report this number to the IRS on their website.

July 17 1:06 pm
I was called and took the 10 minute survey. I was skeptical but understanding the benefits of the survey and the impact it could have on the larger community was compelling. But I was also informed that I could opt out or not answer questions that didnt want to.if you are like my wife or I, we do rely on CDC published stats and information to be better informed about childrens health. the only place CDC can get its information and develop consensus is from the public. I would likely be misinformed as well if I was not a savvy consumer of the health information CDC or other credited institutions put out.Also, HIPPA does not permit CDC to access health information without consent. so they are not breaching HIPPA. DNCs are for commercial telemarketers. on the lighter side, there needs to be a DO NOT SCAM registry to report fraudulent callers. isnt that how we all ended up here? Now having said the above, with the number of scams taking place (IRS etc), CDC could perhaps get better with the surveys. one way is shorten the time between when letters are sent and the time of the survey call so there is better recall of the letters contents.

August 5 1:23 pm
Loan max call for old friend.

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