Phone Listings From Area Code 567-208 State Of Ohio

  • Area Code : 567-208
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Level 3 Communications, Llc...
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Findlay
  • County: Hancock

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Latest Comments for 567-208

July 16 3:55 am
I received a message from Michael Taylor for me to contact 1 877-937-0512 and if I didnt call they were giving to process my information over to a debt company and when I called that number I left them a message for them to call me back but i didnt give them my last name. But something told me that it sounds like a scam because Ive been scammed like this before.

July 29 9:50 pm
Same number texted me about my Craigslist Ad for my furniture. Total Scam. Wanted to me to give him my paypal email and send me money then movers were supposed to show up at my house in Orlando (this person, claimed his name was Angel Luke, lives in Nevada).

July 28 1:34 pm
A guy from this number called me on my cell and asked for me by my first and last name and also stated my actual social security number and asked me if I was this person and if this was my social. the unknown guy had an accent of either and Indian or Iranian decent, he said that i needed to get a lawyer and that I had an outstanding balance with some payday advance place or something...and I have never had a loan in my life!! I tried communicating with this moron who I already was having a hard time understanding. I tried asking him how he got my info and what was the name of the business he was calling me from and he would not disclose any info he just kept saying sorry and hung up on me. I am having this number investigated and contacting my credit agencies to have my in formation blocked and flagged. Obviously there is a major gap/leak with the good ole privacy policy's acts, and people's personal information in America. It is too easy for any random being to get ur information or even pay for it online and use it to do whatever they please with it. I am Sick and Tired of It.

July 2 4:12 pm
called but I did not pick up because I didn't recognize it. Went to internet and found this was a telemarketing call.

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