Phone Listings From Area Code 575-512 State Of

  • Area Code : 575-512
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Plateau Telecommunications,...
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Santa Rosa
  • County: Guadalupe

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Latest Comments for 575-512

July 23 4:03 am
Heres 3 things you can do to torment them when you get a call:1. Tell them right away that you demand to speak with their supervisor. If a supervisor then answers, tell them that you are recording the phone call and you will use it in a harassment lawsuit against them. Ask them for their name, company name, etc. etc. 2. Or, ask them to hold on while you record the phone call in order to report them. Ask them for their name, company name, etc. etc.3. Or, SCREAM into the phone, then hang-up.

August 28 12:47 am
Its my belief that Verizon and Comcast (who are now doing business together) are selling cell and home phone numbers. I receive, atleast, one call a day from the 000-0 number, as well as countless other spam calls. And, Im also on the DO NOT CALL list, which is totally worthless. Im just about ready to smash all my phones and buy a burner cell, tell Verizon and Comcast both to shove it.

August 23 5:54 am
They call my job and are rude to the people who answer the phones when asked to leave a message

August 13 11:05 am
They said nothing, but they call me everyday!

July 22 1:01 am
Unsolicited financial crap...

August 9 8:51 am
Some guy speaking Spanish yelling

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