Phone Listings From Area Code 601-629 State Of Mississippi

  • Area Code : 601-629
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Bellsouth Telecomm Inc Dba...
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Vicksburg
  • County: Warren

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Latest Comments for 601-629

August 28 12:48 am
Hes typing in a way that is hard to be searched. Hes talking about the feds and doesnt want them to know

August 16 7:25 pm
I too just received a call form this scam. About 3 weeks ago i got a similar call from a guy calling himself Eddie Parker. Exact same accent as Lisa Davis, nearly the same speil. This one from 323 786 0626. Both prefixes are from California. I didnt pick either call up, just rolled to answering machine. Ive blocked both area codes. Look the 323 number up on this blog and you will find it sounds exactly alike..

July 20 11:08 am
Although registering on the National Do Not Call List will stop some of the annoying calls, there are ways for these people to get around it. Such as using a fake number like 1-000-000-0. You cannot file a complaint with the Do Not Call website when you receive calls from numbers like this as no one on the planet has this phone number. Many telemarketer companies and scam artists use programs to hide the number of the phone they are calling from causing your caller ID to come up with Unknown Caller, Out of Area, or Name Not Found along with a bogus phone number like the one above.

July 14 4:49 pm
I too, listed an item for sale at $90, and I copied our text conversation and Id like to show u. Can u tell me what was said between the two of u? Thanks..856-477-3175HIM: Large Antique Oil Painting - $90 Item still available for sale? ME: Yes.HIM: Il be paying via money order. If you provide me with your name and mailing address payment will be mailed to youME: Why? Where r u located?HIM: Im not available at the moment, taking care of some other business. I line and own my business in PA though Im at a party right now. I will call u tomorrow All i need is your mailing address and name you want payment made out to, ill facilitate payment to you HIM:Or if you prefer tomorrow its ok. Do enjoy your party ME: Good morning I will be going to the gym shortly. Please explain why u want to send money order ? R u asking me to hold it for u? If so, when would u pick it up. It sounds suspicious to me that u would want to send a money order to a stranger for $90. Dont u think?

July 5 4:20 am
This damn number call me like once a day and i am starting to get very mad about it i will wait for over a miniute for some one to say something i can hear background noise, i am wondering if there trying to get some one to stay on the phone long enough to pull there information on of the phone considering everything we do not is linked to our cell phone. but thank you justin for your advice.

July 25 9:48 pm
Got a call from this number tonight - tried a reverse phone lookup on and it said it's a landline but that's all that came up.  Called back and got a female voice on the answering machine (after a few rings) that didn't mention a name.

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