Phone Listings From Area Code 612-472 State Of Minnesota

  • Area Code : 612-472
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Unknown
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Mound
  • County: Hennepin

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Latest Comments for 612-472

August 9 5:03 am
No I dont think Jesus would fall for their lies. Hed see right through those deep into their hearts and know their hearts were evil.

July 6 1:45 am
I just had this number call me and I called them back- they stated that I took out a Payday loan in 2012. They called the company US Mediators and said that there was a warrant for my arrest and that I could pay $700 or sit in jail and pay $5,000 for bail. What a joke. They gave me the name of the payday loan company and they knew where I worked. I spoke to the Payday loan company who verified that I have never taken a loan from them.

August 9 1:16 am
Got several calls from dell from indian people, they say they have error reports. They get remote access to your computer and try to sell you maintenance software. They take you to dellconnect and it doesnt accept the code so they connect through third party remote and probably planted something on my pc. They have called me and my dad several times with the same pitch and today I got my first call from 0

July 13 8:26 am
that has been my experience as well

July 26 6:36 am
Told me I did a survey, asked me if I'm still looking for work then asked me if I was in school and then said bye. Wth?

August 24 7:24 am
Calelr ID reads: Delta Company

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