Phone Listings From Area Code 615-444 State Of Tennessee

  • Area Code : 615-444
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Bellsouth Telecomm Inc Dba...
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Lebanon
  • County: Wilson

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Latest Comments for 615-444

August 4 8:44 am
OK, here is how to get back at these people the number to call is 416-630-6658. When they answer tell them just how annoyed you are with them and just exactly what you think of them and their calls. I did and they promised to take me off their calling list. However I plan on calling them every night for two weeks, just like they did to me. Next time they call, answer and give them a piece of your mind. Tell them exactly what you think of them.

August 19 3:09 pm
When I receive calls from numbers I dont recognize, I look up the number on the Internet. If it is a spam number, I save the number and name it spam so I know not to answer.

July 7 7:31 pm
This number called my phone almost everyday. There's nobody there

July 30 5:58 am
called around 11 am, left voicemail saying hello hello.

August 9 5:21 pm
Got a call from "Officer Roy Freeman" with the Federal Crime Investigations this morning.  States I have 2 choices, to pay him right now or to go to court.  And he has all the evidence against me.  States I took out a loan from US Fast Cash International and have failed to pay it back.  "The money was put into your bank account." he stated.  He was unable to give me any details regarding this supposed transfer of money.  I then asked him for the phone # for the loan company so I can settle with them because I had not gotten any such loan.  He then states that I would need to speak to him, he is with US Fast Cash International (Even though he said initially he was with Federal Crime Investigations.)  He did spout off the last 4 of my ssn and also some other info about me.  THe call came through at work and was a blocked number.  There was also a message on my cell phone from a +052639886 number....How do you get these people to stop?

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