Phone Listings From Area Code 660-785 State Of Missouri

  • Area Code : 660-785
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Southwestern Bell
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Kirksville
  • County: Adair

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Latest Comments for 660-785

July 2 1:45 am
I got a phone call from this number 201-535-4546 and saying that they are the government to give me money for 600.00 and asked me do you want to receive it yes or no. I said no to them. then they hung up the phone, they said that they are from Washington come on, on a Saturday.

August 12 12:19 am
Just received the same type of phone call as previous people telling me my computer was being hacked. Figured it was a said no thanks and hung up. Feel sorry for the ones who are vulnerable. Besides, if it were from Dallas, Texas , my home state, she wouldnt have that accent.

August 24 11:41 am
Its a skype number.. foreign language dude... tell him to [***] off like I did next time he calls.. opr call his skype and tell him

August 23 1:40 am
This is a University in Singapore that I do business with. They use Skype because its cheaper. Does Skype us the same number for other organizations in the area I wonder?

July 21 6:37 am
problem is that the donotcall list is simply the honor system. its not a mechanism to prevent the call from being completed. it does stop legitimate organizations that choose to follow the law. its all the phishers that most people on these forums are complaining about

August 13 9:34 pm
Oui , effectivement appeller sur la boite vocale de Paul Lgar et laissez votre radio jouer sur sa boite vocale pour la remplir.

August 6 9:11 pm
Don't answer - these are AT&T telemarketers who are somehow protected by the do-not-call law.  If you answer, some foreign sounding person will try to talk you into upgrading your telephone service.  They seem to hire those who cannot speak very good English so it's best to just let it ring and they will eventually stop - for a while.

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