Phone Listings From Area Code 707-707 State Of California

  • Area Code : 707-707
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Unknown
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Sterling
  • County: Loudoun

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Latest Comments for 707-707

July 18 4:24 am
Same. 3 identical, recorded messages, left on phone machine over a 2 hour period. Steve Martin. Foreign accent. Did not return call. Reported to Federal Trade Commission instead.

August 15 8:43 am
Probably not. Just got a new G4 and there blocking feature doesnt work. They say not them. My response is bs and told them so.

August 15 1:12 am
Do you people not watch TV? CBC Marketplace did a show on this last year. They got a hidden camera into the call centre in India where these calls originate. The Canadian DNC list can only stop or fine harassing telemarketing calls that originate in CANADA! How would they fine people in the US or Asia? Canadian telemarketers were fined by them a few months ago, so it does work.Im also getting calls from this number and I dont answer and either should you, as they may be trying to make sure its a good number so it can be passed along to other illegal telemarketers. Be smart, block them or ignore them.

July 22 4:09 am
I am Themba in South Africa. I also got a call from the number...I did not answer my cellphone because I could not recognise the number at all.

July 30 8:16 pm
someone called from this number twice and won't answer when i call back.

August 9 7:47 am
Ditto, got a call on my Google Voice but no message.  Called it back and get recording this number is not in service, but it doesn't sound like the usual recording, more like a canned recording, meaning, their answering machine is picking up, but they're pretending that this is a bona fide telephone carrier message.

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