Phone Listings From Area Code 712-332 State Of Iowa

  • Area Code : 712-332
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Qwest Corporation
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Okoboji
  • County: Dickinson

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Latest Comments for 712-332

July 11 5:59 am
I show little patience for people who forever demand for someone else to solve their problems. But let us not assume that all debt collection agencies are legally compliant and responsive to consumer concerns. Im never less than polite and articulate when debt collectors call here, yet Ive had the same aggravating experiences as others report from a wide swath of agencies, whether they skip trace for strangers or hunt for my assets. One assured me that overly aggressive and fearmongering skip trace calls would stop within three days. Barely over 72 hours later, they called again with even worse scare tactics, and I had to repeat my not me, stop calling speech like no one listened the first time. Another got pissed and insinuated that I must be lying about being a stranger to the alleged debtor, who can be found in five minutes via any search engine. Another called my parents and blabbed about a persons so-called debt. Other agencies would not stop calling and writing to places and at times I had banned in writing, despite Certified Mail delivery. One had a rep lie to my face about its call pattern. Another time my phone line was seized and not allowed to regain dial tone. Ive had agencies call in clusters per hour or several times a day. Some hide behind temporary or spoofed local numbers, or choose to display a blocked or unknown Caller ID. Many have dialers ring and hang up before anyone can respond for weeks on end. Another called all week and consistently put me on hold for up to five minutes before disconnecting without transfer to a human rep. The above incidents and many more disruptions to my peace represent the majority, not the minority, of collection agencies contacting me. Yippee for you if you found work with one which tries harder to avoid getting sued. Dont come to me for commiseration with the industry as a whole. Debt collectors are paid better and faster when they bend and break laws, a belief reflected in their business models.Just an aside here: Debt collectors and telemarketers do resemble each other in certain respects, despite how the law treats them. They each rely on their own forms of lead generation, predictive dialers, teaser and closer calls, weekly and monthly profit targets, commissions and bonuses as compensation, and a system of competition and reward incentives for top performance.

July 30 9:48 pm
I took your suggestion and asked for their phone # and address and name, he gave me some name I cant even pronounce and no phone # or address. He told me that my computer is sending error messages to their company and he could fix it by letting him into my computer online. Fat chance of that ever happening I told him, plus I warned him that this call will be reported to my server and he had better lose my number. I said that any more calls would be considered harassement and I will press charges.

August 28 10:38 pm
I was stupid enough to listed to CPS Card Processing Services and signed with them only to get scammed real hard. 1-877-714-9640 DO NOT ANSWER THE CALL

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