Phone Listings From Area Code 715-760 State Of Wisconsin

  • Area Code : 715-760
  • Phone Type : Cell Phone
  • Phone Company : Nextel Communications, Inc.
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: River Falls
  • County: Pierce

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Latest Comments for 715-760

July 28 12:17 pm
Called claiming to be a call-back with information we had requested regarding a back brace we say on TV. Nope, it most certainly is nothing of the sort, since we neither saw such a product advertised on TV nor called about it. Its a new tactic they must be using to try to get around the fact that its illegal to call people on the do not call list if theres no working relationship already.

August 25 1:01 am
I called the CITI BANK number on the back on my card and asked them about this phone number. They denied that it was one of theirs and immediately said this was a scam.Now, perhaps the CITI BANK representative was mistaken. So I called this number back to discuss it with them. They wanted my CITI BANK credit card number. I told them I would only give that number to the phone number on the back of my card, but I asked them for an extension where they could be reached. They immediately hung up on me.So I called again and this time told them I didnt have a CITI BANK credit card number. They said that they were trying to reach a Jane Doe (a name I do not know) at my phone number. I told them she didnt live here. They said they would take my number out of their records.The very next day I got another call.I have to wonder if CITI BANK isnt right and this is a fraud trying to get credit card numbers.

July 24 7:10 pm
Im having the same problem, they also call on the weekends and Im on the national do not call list

August 28 2:37 pm
I just got the same phone call and when I told her it was a scam she hung up on me.  It makes me so mad that there are such crooked people.

August 2 8:31 pm
Is the third time that I received a call from this number on my cell phone and they don't leave message, because I do not recognize the number I don't answer. All the 3 calls that I received so far are in the afternoon. I search for the number and their location is SAINT PETERSBURG, FL and the carrier is FLORIDA DIGITAL NETWORK, that's all that I know. Is anyone with more info about this number?

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