Phone Listings From Area Code 718-380 State Of New York

  • Area Code : 718-380
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Verizon New York, Inc.
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Fresh Meadows
  • County: Queens

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Latest Comments for 718-380

August 1 6:01 am
This number has been calling me too. I also research the so call company and found nothing. I have contacted my local authorities and gave them all the different phone numbers that they call on. They also recorded the voice mail that was left on my hone phone and work phone. Now lets see what happens to them!

July 23 5:05 pm
I got over 20 texts from this number saying they were Angela Smith from GECU and to please call 207-514-0247. I don't have a bank account with GECU

August 21 5:14 am
They called me and claimed to be the US Attorney General. Oddly enough last time I checked that guy spoke clear, decisive english. I could hardly understand him and when I pressed him for his bar number he started cussing at me and every other word out of his mouth was f*** this and f*** that. He told me I was mad (crazy) and then gave me someone else's personal information to include, SSN, Name. Bank Info, DOB, and email address - at that point I couldn't contain myself and started laughing at him. He got more angered and threaded to show up at my house and hurt my family. I am a law enforcement officer and was smart enough to record the entire exchange. I called back the next day and said nothing, just played the recording! I haven't heard from them since. I turned all of the information over to the Secret Service being that they have a special unit for this kind of thing, as well as the US Attorney’s office whom also has a special unit for this type of crime against individuals. From my understanding the insinuation that this terrorist was the US Attorney General is a federal crime; furthermore the threat against my family’s safety in an attempt to obtain money is extortion. Both can have these people locked up for some time. If you get any of these calls RECORD them and turn them over to a local secret service office - they will route to the proper place. Also be sure to turn over to yours states Attorney's office. As the case grows these terrorists will spend a long time in jail. More importantly if they happen to be out of the county and are having these calls routed through a US area code, as some do, they are going to have additional charges filled! NEVER give them your information, if they already have it they are fishing for the one missing piece to be able to cheat you out of everything, they will even go as far as asking you fax them something authorizing them to remove money from your bank. NEVER verify the information that they do have, tell them that they are wrong and as I said before RECORD it all!!!

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