Phone Listings From Area Code 724-394 State Of Pennsylvania

  • Area Code : 724-394
  • Phone Type : Cell Phone
  • Phone Company : Usa Mobility Wireless, Inc.
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Natrona Heights
  • County: Allegheny

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Latest Comments for 724-394

August 22 3:13 pm
Got a call from this guy named Froy Candellario, and he asked if I wanted to buy a bank owned property next to my house. I said sure and asked if it was his listing, he said Yes. When I asked him for the street address he gave me only the street name and I said that street is not near my house but is almost twenty minutes away. I asked for the address again because I would like to check it out. He then hung up. When I called the caller id, the office lady gave me his cell number. After calling I got no response.

August 12 12:34 am
Been on the do not call registry for years, verified it. Within the past few months have been getting all sorts of scam and fraudulent phone calls. Do not call registry doesnt work when it comes to these calls. Have gotten the Microsoft fraud call (twice) first one came from a NASSAUZN01 number, then two hours after the first time of that, someone called from the same number stating they were with Verizon to upgrade DVR, another fraud call. The second Microsoft fraud call came from a California number the next week. Have gotten spoof calls, this call from 0 which you can not block as it is not a valid number, and then all sorts of listed numbers. I have reported everyone of them, all hours of the day and night, most recorded messages but several were live callers. Have also gotten the phone company involved we are getting so many and they have started blocking numbers because Ive filled up my block list and the filter anonymous doesnt catch a majority of them. Now have gotten a number from the phone company because we are getting so many of these calls, a government agency to trace the numbers. From what the phone company stated, usually even though the numbers come up from all over the country and different, they usually lead back to the same place.

July 24 11:33 pm
I have been receiving calls from this number all day and at least 6 other times just this month. The person on the other end of the phone speaks with a foreign accent and requests money to fix your computer because they have been receiving messages from your computer stating that there are security issues and viruses. DO NOT ALLOW THEM ACCESS TO YOUR COMPUTER OR GIVE THEM ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION!!! IT IS A SCAM.and sorry to say I fell prey to them a littler over a year ago. BUT...I received all my funds back into my bank account when I cancelled the contract and told them it was a scam and I wanted my money returned to me immediately. Otherwise I was going to involve the police in this matter.

August 11 5:20 pm

August 15 12:18 am
same thing as susan described.i filed for a tax ID # now getting calls from all over the US.I don't answer either/

July 13 7:47 pm
They called from 512-206-0178 and told me they will not call back, but they called back from 512-206-0939, instead.  They also call from a few different numbers. I do not owe anyone money, and have reported both numbers to the Federal Trade Commission's Do Not Call list, that I am on. I told them never to call here, again, and they did not listen. I never did business with this company, so I do NOT owe them money. I do not owe any bills to, they have no right calling me.  I will call 1-888-382-1222 for the National Do Not Call Registery to file a complaint against them.  I do not know if it is a debt collector or a law firm, neither of which should call me. I also do not know if they are just phishing for information.

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