Phone Listings From Area Code 724-797 State Of Pennsylvania

  • Area Code : 724-797
  • Phone Type : Cell Phone
  • Phone Company : Leap Wireless Intl, Inc. Db...
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Belle Vernon
  • County: Fayette

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Latest Comments for 724-797

August 11 7:35 pm
got a call from this number today.. picked it up. the line was very staticy and he had an indian accent. He told me he was a lad tech from Microsoft and my computer has sent them virus information. I said the following Really - that is funny because I am hacker with the Department of Defense. I have 3 firewalls and 4 virus protection programs on my system. How can i be sending microsoft a virus. call me again and youll have the FBI at your door in less than 60 seconds. ( I used to work for the govt and know alot of contacts but Im in the banking industry now).. The line got really quiet. and He said oh my goodness are you serious. I told him you are trying to scam the wrong person, try me again pal Im not kidding. after another 15 second silent period he said well im from the FBI and you are sending me a virus. I said huh, thought you were a lead analyst with microsoft. and he said well uh... and I hung up the phone.DO NOT attempt to do anything this guy tells you. once they can get into your system, they can use your IP Address to get personal information and steal your identity from identifiers located on your computer.block this number or report it to the feds. they can trace phone numbers, even wireless, and charge the guy with a felony for impersonating a Federal Officer and a misdemeanor for scamming.

July 22 7:54 am
Called three times without anyone speaking on the other line.  Blocked the number to resolve the problem.

August 13 7:01 pm
Reminder call from doctor appointment

August 11 8:20 pm
My husband received a call from DCS In--the last 4 digits the ph # 3546---she said her name is Sandralina looking for our son and daughter who live in a different state-this company needs to be investigated and fined for harrassing innocent people.

July 27 12:08 pm
They have called me numerous times this months and each time they either hang up, or i don't answer and no message is left. Nothing when I call back. So how do we get this to stop? We can't block the number, can we report it somehow?

July 7 4:00 am
I have received three calls in since yesterday from this number, on my work cell phone. I only give out that number to clients and colleagues.

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