Phone Listings From Area Code 734-956 State Of Michigan

  • Area Code : 734-956
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Global Crossing Telemanagem...
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Westland
  • County: Wayne

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Latest Comments for 734-956

July 22 9:27 pm
this scam goes around about once every three months in my area

July 8 1:35 am
Theres a message now when you call back, December 16. Theres an angry person message saying if this is an adult marketing call, [***] you later. Which is weird because this person called me on December 11, 2014 and hung up when I answered. When I first called back the message said the voice mail had not been set up. Its set up now. My conclusion is that this is a seriously deranged person.

August 25 4:21 am
When I receive calls from numbers I dont recognize, I look up the number on the Internet. If it is a spam number, I save the number and name it spam so I know not to answer.

July 13 4:06 pm
I know for a fact these letters are NOT a scam. This is the best way the company can attract people to tour their timeshares. The prizes are REAL. You will have to sit through a presentation, tour a timeshare resort, and be convinced how wonderful it would be for you to buy into the timeshare.but, all you have to do is say no. You are still guaranteed a prize. The company can afford to give the prizes out, which is usually a trip, because they do well with their timeshares. So, if you dont mind spending part of your day listening, touring, and being convinced you need to buy the property, then you will for sure win one of the prizes listed. I do not understand how so many people say it is a scam when theyve never even gone through with it! These prizes are given away ALL THE TIME, it would be illegal otherwise.

July 28 9:09 pm
They called me back... The company is called American Income Life, they're a life insurance company that also offers supplimental health benefits..... The womam I spoke with had told me first that Team Leads make $65k a year, and then in another breath said that they make $75k a year.... She sounded very unprofessional, actually quite ghetto to be exact! I told her I wasn't interested!!

August 5 10:32 pm
Trying to give money but u have to give money too...

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