Phone Listings From Area Code 757-971 State Of Virginia

  • Area Code : 757-971
  • Phone Type : Cell Phone
  • Phone Company : New Cingular Wireless Pcs,...
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Virginia Beach
  • County: Virginia Beach City

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Latest Comments for 757-971

July 1 1:15 pm
Ya i just got this call and im with AT&T... It is an Indian person that keeps saying hello. then he hangs up. One other thing that happens is they call...and waits...and waits...then says goodbye in some kind of recording. :/

July 10 2:48 am
There is this stanhe call going to everyone if I was you I would not answer the phone very very phoney call 000-000-0 going around area to area I live on the south side my mom is going to raise hell if she does not find out who it is I got the call Friday 2 times dont answer I heard a lady breathing and then say goodbye soon as I find out who it is I swear for good

July 9 1:28 pm
Just called me. Asked the lady her name and once she went into spill, her name was different. I asked her which one it was and she hung up. Called back, refused to give her address because of the line of work they are in...BS. I told them they were fraud and she started to rattle off all personal information and said I owed Chase bank. Called chase and they said Ive never had a account with them. The police are on the way so I can fill out a report.

July 12 11:11 am
I just received that same call just seconds ago.The number on caller ID was 000-000-0when my daughter answered hello three times; a recording come on and said goodbyeand hung up.

July 14 9:54 pm
This number just called me on my cell phone at 9:44am~ 5 times in a row... really.. take a hint.. Im not answering,

July 24 10:33 am
Received a creepy text message from this number. Here is what it said. Aye take a pic in yo shirt That was the text message, and I don't have any idea what this is except that it creeped us out!

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