Phone Listings From Area Code 785-581 State Of Kansas

  • Area Code : 785-581
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Tcg Kansas City, Inc. Ks
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Hays
  • County: Ellis

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Latest Comments for 785-581

August 29 5:25 am
I just recieved a phone call from a woman stating that she saw my fiances listing on craigslist for his company. She stated that she wanted to partner with him bc she has clients in our area that she could reach out to. Once i told her we were not looking to partner she snapped off stating that bc the first name of the company was a man that she would assume that i do not make the head decisions of his company to give her the phone number of a more educated person. If i could have reached through the phone i would have. They must have looked up who owns our cell phone numbers bc they have also tried to contact through my childs cell phone. Using a child to get info. Classic

August 22 5:25 pm
Your phone company, at least my land line provider, will install a tracker/tracer on your phone if you request it. You activate it by entering a code and the phone company will capture the data for that particular phone number. They will provide the tracked information to your local police. Ask your phone supplier about nuisance/obscene calls. I have CenturyTel phone service, but I think its required of all phone service providers by the PUCO.

July 10 5:04 pm
called left no message. Pennsylvania number. I don't know anyone in PA.

July 17 12:34 am
He is also trying to do a Paypal scam with me right now

August 8 5:45 am
Rob, how would you be able to block a number on the state system?

August 18 12:03 am
Multiple calls per day over the past week.  All hang ups upon hitting voice mail.  Have all records on my Vonage Account.  Need to report to FCC as I am on the DO NOT CALL list.

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