Phone Listings From Area Code 808-738 State Of Hawaii

  • Area Code : 808-738
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Hawaiian Telcom, Inc. Hi
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Honolulu
  • County: Honolulu

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Latest Comments for 808-738

July 22 4:36 am
WHEN I SEE THE NUMBER 000-000-0, I just hit the exit button. They are no one I know.

August 18 9:41 am
Trouble is, when I answer the phone, they hang up immediately. Its the calls from 000-000-0 that do this. I also received a call from supposed Cardmember Services, and when I asked to be removed from their list, the man on the phone started saying obscene things to me. I told him I was recording his mouth, and he told me to stick the recorder up my ***! What a jerk he was!!! I reported the incident to the FCC, and they said they would handle it. I havent received any more calls from that number lately.

July 17 11:38 am
Another note here from a would be victim of Card Processing Services. They called me today, were very rude to our receptionist, misrepresented themselves to me and were generally liars. Avoid these guys like the plague.

July 11 12:59 am
Just got a text saying my entry has won. I have not entered into any contests.

August 25 12:59 am
I just received a call from the number of 206-2121725.  The person identified themselves as being Officer Jones.  He spoke very broken english and seemed to have a strong indian accent.  He asked that I or my attorney return the call and if I didn't he could only wish me luck in the legal action that will soon befall me.  Needless to say, I have received numerous calls similar to this and each call comes from a different number.  They all pretty much state the same message and all are of indian accent.  Per my local sheriff office, this is a fraud.  NO NOT CALL THESE PEOPLE BACK OR OFFER TO PAY THEM ANY MONEY.  The only issue with this is that the calls are annoying.

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