Phone Listings From Area Code 816-210 State Of Missouri

  • Area Code : 816-210
  • Phone Type : Cell Phone
  • Phone Company : Sprint Spectrum L.p.
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Kansas City
  • County: Jackson

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Latest Comments for 816-210

July 20 3:15 am
I Was trying to make an online payment to my electric company for 37.31 I was on the actual website and started to put my info in... then another page came up with all this that looked funny. I got a strange hunch and decided to close the page and pay through my bank account with free bill pay. Then, I received a fake check about 4 Days later for the same amount I was about to pay. Them dumb put pay to the order of to my power company instead of my name; and put my address. And the bulk mail bar code is below that. Im going to make some calls and change all my quick.

July 11 2:48 pm
He's a psycotic fool keeps harrassing me! Called me 8 times in a row!

August 27 1:25 pm
I received a call from this number about a week ago.  A man with a very heavy Indian accent left a message stating that my loan application had been approved (for some ungodly amount of money) and that I needed to call him back to confirm my banking information.  I have not applied for any type of loan so, of course, I did not call back.  I then received a call from the same exact number today (5 days later).  Another heavy Indian accented man left a message stating that either me or my legal representative needed to return the call.  They went on to say that if the call was not returned, good luck to me.  I'm so gullible to believe that the same people who called to give me money now say that I'm in trouble with them less than a week later.  I'm amazed at the lengths that crooks will go to scam people out of their money.  Any call from this number should be viewed as a fraud/scam! I have reported it to the proper authorities in my area.

August 27 4:55 am
How will I know who a phone number belongs to

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