Phone Listings From Area Code 817-594 State Of Texas

  • Area Code : 817-594
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Southwestern Bell
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Weatherford
  • County: Parker

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Latest Comments for 817-594

July 22 5:25 am
Theres no Do Not Call list for cell phones - in fact, you shouldnt receive calls from telemarketers at all - unless you specifically gave them your cell phone number. Block the number on your phone - if your phone doesnt have a number block feature, contact your cell phone service provider - they should be able to tell you how to block the calls.

July 22 12:15 am
So true. Get 000 000 0 calls on land line every day!! You can however, stop the other very annoying ones( Idd) on a cell with ATT sevice. It is bliss. Smart Limits lets you block thirty of these jerks. Added it last week, 4.99 a month and so far, so SILENT AND BLISSFUL.. Did get one o thing. Ignored it.

August 28 6:54 pm
called and let it rang about once, then hung up. No voicemail

July 27 12:00 am
This number called my home number and the caller ID showed as unknown name;so I didn't pick up; however, when my answering machine picked up they left no message.

August 30 7:44 am
Just got a call from this number. Was working so I ignored it. No message left. I tried to call back a couple times. 1st time i called back it beeped and hung up on me. 2nd time is was a fast busy. 3rd time it was a fast busy. 4th time it beeped and hungup on me. NO more attempts. After seeing this site it doesnt look like it was very important of a call.

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