Phone Listings From Area Code 828-832 State Of North Carolina

  • Area Code : 828-832
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Us Lec Of North Carolina, Inc.
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Charlotte
  • County: Mecklenburg

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Latest Comments for 828-832

July 15 2:10 pm
the best way I found out how to handle calls like these was to buy a landline phone blocker. ( check on line or ebay) best investment I made. around 50 t0 60 bucks, and can hold up to 1500 numbers. now I only get one call like this a week or two weeks. once you put the number in it will only ring once and the call blocker takes over and disconnects the call. never have to get out of your chair.

August 9 5:46 pm
Mr./Ms. NHGranite. The DNC does not stop or block call regardless of how long you have been registered. It is just a list.

July 11 6:08 am
the DO NOT CALL list doesnt help. It was created to establish more govt office space for campaign friends of the politicians.Thanx for the fear mongering inaccurate information!

July 19 7:18 am
This is either HEB pharmacy as they always call from a 210 and I am definitely not in that area code so I hardly get calls from it .....or......bottomfeeder bill collector. I had one that used to call from a 210 a while back. Maybe he's trying again. Dunno, haven't answered it in years now so the statute is probably passed anyhow. Good luck to them. HEB usually leaves a message for 'your prescription is ready' and I didn't get a message from this one. Hope this helps

July 4 4:30 am
I recieved more than 40 calls in under 5 hours from this phone number. It is the Times News out of Twin Falls Idaho making sales calls. They have not removed any of the numbers that I have asked them to remove from the list and they continue to call.

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