Phone Listings From Area Code 830-885 State Of Texas

  • Area Code : 830-885
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Guadalupe Valley Telephone...
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Spring Branch
  • County: Comal

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Latest Comments for 830-885

August 29 4:24 pm
I just received the same call. Some folks just need to get a real job!

July 9 6:56 am
I got the same letter today. Didnt believe it when I saw it. and just googled the number to confirm our first thought. Thanks for posting!!

July 1 3:31 pm
Have been called twice from this number. Not entirely sure who it is, but I believe it is definitely a business, but have been unable to find any information about the number online.

July 16 11:57 am
WeirdoKeeps.callingCalled over 20+ times. Just heavy breathing. Time to call the cops to knock on his door in auburn

August 24 6:57 am
This 209551214 show up on my caller ID. They asked to speak to me and I said that I wasn't here right now and said can you take a message and I said yes. So he said his name was Ricky Jones and he gave me a different phone # and said that I need her to call me back. I said ok. He had a very thick accent,Indian or Middle Eastern, then he said that this was concerning his Social Security #. I could not hardly understand him, so I said what did you say and he repeated it. I said whos SS# he said hers and said well you said his and he oh I am sorry. I asked him what company was he with and he said it was called Public Credit Services. I think these people are scammers I have gotten calls like this before. How can we stop this?

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