Phone Listings From Area Code 831-465 State Of California

  • Area Code : 831-465
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Pacific Bell
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Santa Cruz
  • County: Santa Cruz

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Latest Comments for 831-465

July 4 12:11 am
BULLCRAP! I have tried to work with these people. There are too many callers so they just keep on calling, what do we do about THAT? I get real tired of explaining my situation 3 or 4 times a day. Nobody makes notes or they just dont or cant read it if they do. These boiler rooms are a pain in societys butt. If the company wants to talk to me, someone that actually WORKS FOR the company itself can call me, other than that I dont want to speak to them.

August 5 6:19 pm
I had this happen then they wanted me to send $300 on a green dot card for irs fees to send the money. Wth? These people are relentless. They were saying that i got a $7000 grant but it was from a 732 area code. They still call...

July 15 7:08 am
Amen! Thanks for that reply. :)

August 15 9:04 am
I keep getting unwanted text from this number.  I don't  subscribe to texting  because

August 7 1:31 am
They first said they were calling about an auto loan and then I told them I would not qualify because I am getting ready to file bankruptcy. Then the lady said she was not really calling about that but to see if I qualified for debt relief or bankruptcy. I think they are trying to get your personal information to clean out your bank account, I don't have any to take so the conversation ended shortly.

July 3 1:01 pm
Two more calls since my last post at about the same times as before. Will be unplugging my phone overnight to avoid the 5 AM calls.

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